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Introduction » Wood split shingle

Wood split shingle

Drdlík has been manufacturing and laying wooden shingles for over 30 years!

Wooden split shingle, also called “Wallachian shingle”

Dřevěný šindel, drdlík

Drdlík has been producing traditional roofing since 1989. Wood chipped shingle is an ideal ecological roofing for timber houses, log cabins, folk and historical buildings.

Wooden shingles represent a traditional craft – the craft of shingle making . In the past, shingles were widely used as a roofing on all kinds of folk buildings. Wood shingle is a high-quality product that offers the durability and beauty of wood roofing. Choosing the right wood is very important in shingle manufacturing. Wood of slowly growing coniferous trees such as spruce, larch or fir are the most common choice. It is a classic shingle, which is widely spread all over Bohemia and Moravia. It’s called the Wallachian shingle; this shingle is connected by a tongue and groove.

Long-term experience in shingle production and professional approach as well as work itself will ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Feel free to contact us and ask anything at the e-mail address: info@drdlik.co.uk, where we will be happy to answer your questions.

Thank you for your support, your team Drdlík.


A small example of our realization of wooden shingles: Wallachian type


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dřevěný šindel- zvonička drdlik  Dřevěný šindel valašský- zvonička drdlík   dřevěný šindel stříšky drdlik 

dřevěný šindel na studně drdlik  dřevěný šindel na roubence drdlík  Dřevěný šindel valašský na roubence drdlik 

valašský dřevěný šindel na hradbách polička drdlik  dřevěný šindel český rozhledna strádonice drdlik  obložení fasády dřevěným šindelem drdlík  fasáda obložená dřevěným šindelem drdlík  dřěvěný šindel drdlík  dřevěný šindel valašský kostel chrast drdlik


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