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Introduction » Plastic shingle EUREKO » Plastic VS Wood

Plastic shingle EUREKO / Plastic VS Wood

The comparison of the WALLACHIAN wooden shingle and the EUREKO plastic shingle

What shingle to choose for your roof? Should you go for the wooden classic or is plastic a better choice? 

Dřevěný šindel nebo plastový šindel eureko drdlík

Wooden shingles: Wallachian type                   Plastic shingles EUREKO DDS II

In the past, wooden shingles have been widely used as a roofing on all types of folk buildings. Nowadays, however, they are mainly used in reconstructions of historical and listed buildings or when creating a traditional vibe of recreational buildings, wooden buildings, cabins, and timbered houses. Nevertheless, wooden shingles are suitable for modern buildings as well. They can be used as a complementary solution for small buildings, such as various shelters or garden summer houses. Shingles can also be used to cover walls. 

Are you planning the reconstruction of your roof, but you are not sure what solution to choose to make everything turn out as you wish?

Today, there are dozens of different ways to proceed when reconstructing a roof; you can hire many different companies and use all sorts of materials and methods. That being said, you obviously do not want your roof to be built using the trial-and-error approach, as you want to be sure from the very beginning that your effort, time, and money will ensure a perfect result.

                Dřevěný šindel štípaný na roubence drlik                   Plastový šindel eureko na roubence drlik
                       Wooden shingles: Wallachian type                              Plastic shingles EUREKO DDS II

Although there are countless possibilities, for most people the decision-making process usually comes down to two basic variations - plastic shingle or wooden shingle. These are the most widespread roofing solutions. Both have stood the test of time; both are the choice of the majority and both can be relied upon. But which one to choose? Which one is better? The more traditional wooden shingle or rather its modern plastic version? Let us take a closer look.

Wooden split shingles: Wallachian type


Plastic shingles EUREKO DDS II

dřevěný šindel štípaný drdlik


Plastvý šindel eureko dds 2 Drdlík

Timeless wood

Despite the fact that wood is a material that has been used as a construction material for thousands of years, it is still immensely popular today and in many ways still has no competition. So, not surprisingly, many people still want the traditional wooden shingles and believe that traditional methods and approaches are as reliable as they have ever been. Although the wooden shingle is certainly not a bad choice, it should be taken into account that wood is a material with high maintenance requirements.

But whether or not a wooden shingle will be a good and reliable investment depends on many various circumstances, not all of which can really be influenced. The service life of your roof is of course dependent on the quality of the shingles (splitting and thick wood), sufficient impregnation, professional installation, roof slope, protective oil paint and mechanical cleaning.

Wooden shingles also require regular spraying:

Against biological effects with hydrophilization

Regular oil paint spraying against weathering

As you can see, the wooden shingle definitely cannot be considered a maintenance-free roofing. Conversely, if you neglect the necessary maintenance, your new roof will soon start to decay. You also have to deal with the fact that all of the above mentioned investments are not cheap and have to be repeated at least every 3-5 years.


Modern plastic

The EUREKO DDS II plastic shingle is a faithful copy of the classic wooden split shingle. It was developed as an alternative to wooden shingles and is made of recycled plastic. The way of laying is similar to that of wooden shingles. The popularity of this type of roofing rises with every year, as they are visually reminiscent of wood, but at the same time are much less demanding in terms of maintenance.

The production uses recycled plastic, mainly from the automotive industry. The shingle is therefore exceptionally durable and also very environmentally friendly. The plastic shingle is further refined with fillers, UV stabilizers and dyes.

Its main advantages include:

     - Long service life.

     - Its appearance is the perfect imitation of wood and is
        often used for the
reconstruction of listed buildings.

     - Requires almost no maintenance, which costs you
        neither time
nor money.

     - Absorbability and impermeability, resistance to rain,
        frost, and
temperature changes.

Resistance to lichens and mosses.


     - The perfect imitation of natural materials

     - 30-year warranty!


You can see that the plastic shingle is somewhat similar to the wooden shingle and even surpasses it in many ways. It is also cheaper, which is a huge factor for many people.

The great advantage of plastic is its low weight. It is easier to work with and can be installed by anyone. The installation process is really easy, and most manufacturers provide complete assembly instructions that are easy to follow. As in the case of wooden shingles, assembly is key and must not be done wrong, and plastic shingles are much better to work with.

As always, it is up to you to choose. Every single thing has its own pros and cons and shingles are no different. You must carefully consider whether you want to to invest in the classic wood, given the needed regular maintenance.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at our e-mail address info@drdlik.co.uk. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have. 


Thank you for your interest, Your Drdlík team.

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