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Email: info@drdlik.co.uk            Monday - Friday 8 am to 5 pm

» Wholesale cooperation
Our business partners in the EU

Wholesale cooperation

We are looking for partners in the EU for selected products!

Do you like our EUREKO plastic roofing? Are you interested in supplying our roofing to your customers?

We will help with sales support and direct delivery of products from our central warehouse. The foreign partner will ensure the sale to the end customer, including service and other operations.

We believe in what we do
. And our plans are quite big. Not only in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We have expanded to England, Romania and Estonia and we know that the doors are open for us to enter other markets as well.


We know that the most important thing is a satisfied customer. That's why we are constantly improving customer support, expanding our product range and innovating. We believe in our products and cooperate only with proven suppliers.


We believe that quality always pays off.


The team of our employees can provide professional services to all our customers. Our clients include multinational companies, state enterprises, schools and non-profit organizations, as well as small business owners, households and students.


We regularly publish action catalogs in printed and electronic form, hold promotions, contests and offer a range of bonuses.


We are still in contact with worldwide producers as well as the small ones which are manufacturing their products in small workshops. We follow international exhibitions and we follow trends. Therefore, we know what customers will need and what they want. We know in which ways the market is going to evolve. We know what is worth selling and we know how. And we will be happy to share all of this with you.


  • We believe that success lies in knowledge and cooperation

Long-term and fair cooperation

Do not hesitate to contact us and ask any questions at the e-mail address: info@drdlik.co.uk


Thank you for your interest, Your team Drdlík.

Plastic shingle in EUREKO worldwide.


Headquarters, showroom and main warehouse for the Czech Republic.

Martin Drdlík, Sobíňov 245, 58262 Sobíňov, Czech Republic

www.strecha-je-hra.cz, www.drdlik.cz

Drdlik- EUREKO for the Czech republic


Headquarters, showroom and main warehouse for Slovakia republic.

Klinker Centrum s.r.o., Pri Mlyne 42, 949 05 Nitra - Dolné Krškany, Slovak Republic


 Drdlik- EUREKO for the Slovakia

Headquarters, showroom and main warehouse for Estonia

Tartu, Eesti, Juhatuse liige, Tanel Kuningas


Drdlik- EUREKO fot the Estonia