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Plastic shingle EUREKO / FAQ

The EUREKO plastic shingle: Questions and answers you have not found anywhere else.


1) What is the difference between plastic and wooden shingles?

Wooden shingle – freshly made    The DDS II plastic shingle - black

The main advantage of the plastic shingle is its long service life without the need of maintenance, as well as its low weight, non-absorbability, impermeability and also the lower price compared to a wooden shingle (the plastic shingle is on the average about one third of the purchase price of the wooden shingle). The plastic shingle is maintenance-free (wooden shingles must be painted every 3 years).


2) What is the service life of the EUREKO plastic roofing?

The length of the service life of our plastic roofing ranges from 50 to 70 years. We provide the roofing with a 30-years warranty.


3) What is the minimal slope for the EUREKO plastic roofing?

The minimum slope for laying the EUREKO plastic roofing is 25°. For roofs with a lower slope (< 25°), folded sheet metal roofing is used.


4) The wooden shingle must be painted and repaired. Is it also necessary to take care of the plastic shingle?

The plastic shingle is maintenance-free (it does not need to be painted or repaired). It also resists the growth of lichens and other mosses.


5) Is the EUREKO DDS II plastic roofing a lightweight or a heavyweight roofing??

EUREKO DDS II is a lightweight roofing. It weighs approximately 7kg/m2.


6) Is the EUREKO DDS II plastic roofing wind-resistant?

Yes, it is. The roofing is nailed down using 32 mm galvanized nails with a usual consumption of 40 pieces/m2.


7) What tools do I need to mount the roofing?

There are no special tools required. The tools used for laying other roofing will do fine.


8) Plastic is a “working” material! Do I have to leave gaps between the shingles?

Yes, there is an expansion gap needed between individual templates - depending on the weather. This procedure is necessary to allow the roofing to expand or contract due to heat and cold. We can teach you how to do this and more during the free training that we offer.


9) Will I need a sheet metal to use in the valleys and corners??

You will not, thanks to our DDU II accessories for valleys and corners, with which you can cover and tile even the most diverse shapes, including valleys and corners, but also dormers. 


10) Do you also have corner shingles and ridge tiles?

We produce ridge tiles from basic templates (shingles) according to the roof slope. We do not have corner shingles, as we use copper or plastic-coated sheet, which is shaped according to your specific requirements. More information can be found in the Assembly instructions. 


11) Where can I use EUREKO DDS II plastic roofing?

The EUREKO DDS II is a true copy of classic split wooden shingle. It was developed specifically as a cover for roofs and a facing with a versatile use. Therefore, it is suitable not only for covering roofs of family houses, cottages, or huts, but also for tiling the walls of these buildings as an additional thermal insulation, roofing and covering and tiling of various garden sheds, making plinth tiles for additional thermal insulation of buildings, etc.


12) Is the roofing provided with a warranty?

Yes, the material is under 30-years warranty. The company that carries out the assembly and installation of our EUREKO DDS II roofing must have an official training certificate. If the company does not have this training certificate, the warranty for the roofing is not provided. If you are interested, we can recommend trusted and certified companies in your area.


13) Can I lay the EUREKO DDS II plastic roofing myself?

Yes. Anyone can do it, as the process is similar to that of building Lego. In any case, we recommend our free training, as it also guarantees the 30-years warranty for the material. 


14) Can you walk on the roofing?

Yes, the roofing is walkable. 


15) What about the retrofit of roof windows or skylights?

Our roofing can be easily removed without damaging the shingles. Then, the roofing can be just as easily retrofitted back in place after the installation of the skylight.


16) What if I receive damaged roofing?

This never happens. We have not registered a single damage complaint since the year 2000. Our roofing is made of reinforced flexible plastic. Therefore, it is not fragile and cannot be broken easily.


17) What if I do not order enough of the EUREKO DDS II plastic roofing?

Each template has a specific batch number written on the back. Please contact us and provide us with this number, so we can do our best to find the most similar product possible to your original product as to provide you with the necessary missing material. We recommend mixing the newly received material together with the original. If you know you will need some extra shingles, set a few shingles aside to mix them with the newly delivered ones. We recommend placing these in badly visible places.


18) What if I order too much of the EUREKO DDS II plastic roofing?

Within the Czech Republic, we repurchase the remaining (excess) roofing. We are currently planning to introduce this service in the rest of the EU as well.


19) What are the transport costs within the EU?

Depending on the size and weight of the goods ordered, you will be offered the most appropriate type of transport. We offer the possibility of transporting the goods to any place in the European union; however, due to the changing volume of goods, it is not possible to set a uniform transport price. First, we calculate the transport price based specifically on your order and then we contact you with the information concerning the final price. We will not ship the goods without your consent and confirmation of the total price including shipping.


20) How do I pay?

The ordered goods is shipped immediately after the total amount is credited to our bank account.


21) Where the EUREKO DDS II plastic roofing made?

The EUREKO DDS II plastic roofing is made in the Czech Republic by REGRA PLAST s.r.o (LLC), a manufacturing company focusing on the production of plastic products, founded in 1999. The company operates a production plant located in Obora u Loun, Czech Republic and its main product is EUREKO roofing. The production and operation of the plant is in the state of continuous improvement and expansion of production, which is required by the increasing popularity of EUREKO plastic roofing on domestic as well as foreign markets. Also, the introduction of the integrated management system ISO 9001 and ISO14001 contributes to the maximum quality of production.


22) Do you own any EU certificates?

Yes, we do. We actually own all the certificates necessary for conducting this type of business in the EU. If you are interested, we can show you or send you copies.


23) How can I place an order?

Send us the dimensions of your roof at info@drdlik.co.uk and we will contact you with a specific price offer as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at our e-mail address info@drdlik.co.uk. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have. 


Thank you for your interest, Your Drdlík team.

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