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» Exhibition

Dear customers and business partners,

Every year, we regularly participate in many exhibitions and fairs to introduce our innovative products to both lay and professional public. These include mainly various trade fairs, or events focused on interior and exterior design. Apart from these, we also take part in several republic and local events that are focused on manual production, where we present both the finished products and the methods of their origin. This can also be seen in our background. Where did you and our products meet?

Thank you for your favor, Your team Drdlík.


Drdlik- exhibition invation

Exhibition Constructing-Building inRumunia 2019

Drdlik- exhibition in rumunia

FOR BUILDING in Prag 2018

Drdlik- exhibitoins in Prag

FOR ARCH International Building 2015- Czech republic

Drdlik- exhibiton 

CONECO BRATISLAVA 2015- Slovak Republic

 Drdlik- exhibitions


ROOFS PRAGUE 2015- Czech republic

Drdlik- exhibition in Prag


 Exhibition dates 2002-2014

Roofs Prague

 Drdlik- exhibitions


 Drdlik exhibition Slovakia


Provide training on the plastic shingle ,,EUREKO,, in the Czech and Slovak Republic

 Drdlik- training in Slovakia


Castle Days - demonstration of the traditional production shingle

 Drdlik- exhibition on castle day  Drdlik- exhibition on castle day



Exhibition dates 1992-2001

Drdlik- exhibitions in Prag  Drdlik- exhibition in Prag  Drdlik- first ehibition in Prag