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EUREKO DDS II - Drdlíks Wood Shingle faithfully reproduces classic split wood shingles.


Plastic roof coverings have been produced since 2000 under the name EUREKO!    Drdlik plastic shingle Eureko


As the title suggests, the father of this Czech patent is Mr. Josef Drdlík from Hlinsko in Bohemia, Czech Republic, who used his knowledge of the production and laying of a classical wooden shingles for the development and construction of a plastic shingle. In cooperation with REGRA PLAST s.r.o. company, a credible replica was created, including accessories for the valley, corner, and ridge of the roof. The plastics are supplemented with dyes and additives that protect against UV radiation. The EUREKO product is provided with a warranty of 30 years, with a service life of at least 50 to 70 years.


EUREKO DDS II is a faithful copy of the classic split wood shingle. It has been specially developed as a roof covering and a versatile wall covering and is therefore suitable not only for covering the roofs of family houses, cottages, but also for covering the walls of these buildings - especially when they are additionally insulated. It is also suitable as roofing and tiling of various garden sheds, or for making plinth tiles.


The EUREKO DDS II plastic shingles are a true copy of a classic wooden split shingle. It has been developed as an alternative to wooden shingles and is made of recycled plastic. The method of laying is similar to that of a wooden shingle. Thanks to corner and manger accessories, you can cover and enclose the most varied surface shapes.


For corners the EUREKO DDN II is used, and for the EUREKO DDU II, is used to make the valley. There are three types of templates available to cover any roof surface (including "hindquarters"). These are templates:






Thanks to its faithful appearance, which imitates wooden shingles, the EUREKO DDS II roofing has also been well protected for listed buildings.


The advantage of plastic shingles is especially its long life without maintenance, low weight, non-absorbency and impermeability, and about one third of the purchase price compared to the classic wooden shingle roof. In addition to the above, it is/ it does:


- Resistant to mosses, lichens and alkalis

- It has a low weight

- Resistant to sun, rain, hail, frost and sudden temperature changes

- Tough, sturdy and resistant to puncture

- Maintenance-free

- Greatly imitates natural materials

- Guaranteed for 30 years!



At present, the innovated type is marked with DDS II, which exploits the experience of the past 15 years. Innovations include a double water groove, a reinforced construction, a sloping face highlighting the line height, and the possibility of mounting on a formwork.



The complete offer of our products:

The complete range of EUREKO DSS II plastic coverings in one place: basic template, dome, corner, ridge, nails, antenna bushings and ventilation, and all accessories required for installation.


Shipping and payment

Depending on the size and weight of the goods, you will be offered the most appropriate type of freight transport to any address in the EU. Because of bulky goods, it is not possible to set a uniform shipping price. We will calculate the transport price based on your order and we will inform you about it in advance. Goods without your consent and confirmation of the total price including transport will not be sent. We ship the goods as soon as the total amount has been credited to our bank account.


For assembly companies

We provide installation companies with expert advice and training for the installation of EUREKO DDS II cover for FREE.



Drdlik plastic shingle Eureko roof


Basic Template DDS II:

Size: 51 x 12 cm

Thickness: 18 mm

Consumption: 20 pcs / m2

Weight: max. 8 kg / m2

Minimum slope: 25 °

Weight 1 piece: max. 350 g

Drdlik Eureko DDS II  Drdlik Eureko DDS II    Drdlik Eureko DDS II



DDU II Walley:

Length: 66.6 cm

Thickness: 18 mm

Consumption: approx. 30 pcs / bm

Weight 1 piece: max. 200 g

Drdlik Eureko DDU II  Drdlik Eureko DDU II  Drdlik Eureko DDU II



DDN II Corner:

Length: 66.6 cm

Thickness: 18 mm

Consumption: approx. 30 pcs / bm

Weight 1 piece: max. 200 g

Drdlik Eureko DDN II Drdlik Eureko DDN II  Drdlik Eureko DDN II  



Ridge DDH II:

Length: 12 cm

Thickness: 18 mm

Consumption: approx. 8.4 pcs / bm

Weight 1 piece: max. 350 g

Drdlik Eureko DDH II   


Drdli plastic shingle ridge Eureko Drdlik plastic shingle Eureko Drdlik Plastic shingle Eureko Drdlik Eureko Drdlik plastic roof shingle Eureko


Drdlik cottage plastic split shingle


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