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Introduction » Wood split shingle » Wall cladding shingles

Wood split shingle / Wall cladding shingles

Wall claddings with wooden shingles

For buildings with wooden shingles, a simple laying is performed, meaning an overlap of 5 - 10 cm and the tip against the prevailing wind direction.

Drdlik- wall claddings with wooden shingle  Drdlik- wooden shingles for buildings wall

A small example of our implementation of wooden shingles: Wallachian type

Drdlik- wood shingle wallachian type     Drdlik- shingle for building wall

Drdlik- shingle on wall     Drdlik- wooden shingle for wall

Drdlik- shingle on wall bus stop     Drdlik- wood shingle laying

Drdlik- wood shingle on building wall     Drdlik- wood for wall shingle

Drdlik- wooden shingle on cottage walls     Drdlik- wood material for wall

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