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Wood split shingle / Shingles paint

How to affect the shingled roof lifespan?

The lifespan of your shingled roof
is influenced by the quality of the shingles (splitting and thick wood), their sufficient impregnation, professional installation, roof slope, protective oil paint and mechanical cleaning (brushing or pressurized water), replacement of bad shingles – all that falls under regular shingle maintenance (needed every 3-5 years). If you follow these measures, the shingles on your roof will last from 50 to 80 years.

Drdlik- shingle surface coating  Drdlik- shingle roof lifespan protective  Drdlik- wood shingle lifespan



Shingle surface coating

Spruce shingle

We strongly suggest that you let the new roof "fade" in the sun and rain for at least a month - the entire shingle roof then gets a uniform gray shade. Immediately after that we perform the first spraying or apply the first coat of paint. When applying the coating, there needs to be a long-term warm weather. Also, the shingle has to be dry, so the paint penetrates deep into the wood. 

Most of the roofs are sprayed with Carbolineum Extra with Linen Varnish or Wood Tera. The spraying is done using a pressure gun; this way the paint gets into all the folds and most into the groove than if the roof was brush-painted. The second protective layer should be repeated after three years and then every 3-4 years. This guarantees a long life for the shingled roof.

If one coating is omitted or the time between them is prolonged, it will have irreversible consequences on the shingled roofs lifespan. Completely unsuitable are coatings with thick-layered glazes and varnishes that do not last on wood and start to peel off. 

Keep in mind that shingle roofing needs regular care. The roof should not be clogged with fallen leaves, moss and other dirt that maintain moisture for a long periods of time; such dirt must be mechanically removed before painting. 


Larch shingle

There is an interesting paradox relating to this wood, as almost no shingle maker recommends coating of this wood, because larch itself contains a large amount of resin in the wood and is thus very well protected from the weather.

For larch shingles, we recommend regular painting every 10 years.


Wooden shingle at the bus stop: Stage I

  • impregnation: colorless Bochemit QB Profi

    Drdlik- shingle wood impregnation, bus stop

Wooden shingle at the bus stop: Stage II

  • coating: Karbolineum Extra oil (amber)

    Drdlik- shingle painting oil

Wooden shingle on the roof of the well: Stage I

  • impregnation: brown Bochemit QB Profi

    Drdlik- impregnation of wooden shingle

Wooden shingle on the roof of the well: Stage II

  • coating: Karbolineum Extra oil (brown)

    Drdlik- wood shingle painting oil


Shingle impregnation

Properly treated shingles
can last for decades. The shingles are impregnated with BOCHEMIT QB Profi, which protects the wood against wood decaying fungi, molds and insects. Therefore, we pay great attention to its effective protection against pests and other risks. Get to know our shingle impregnation options to protect wood more effectively ….. more


The shingle manufacturing process

Wooden shingles
are made of high-quality, carefully selected, slowly growing trees with a high density of annual rings. The slow growth and high altitude guarantees a higher density of wood, which offers better resistance to the weather. And experienced shingle maker can tell whether or not is a tree suitable for shingle manufacture….. more

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