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Introduction » Wood split shingle » Shingles impregnation

Wood split shingle / Shingles impregnation

Protection of wooden shingle against weather conditions

Protection of wooden shingle

Properly treated shingle
can serve for decades. Shingles are impregnated with BOCHEMIT QB Profi, which protects wood against wood decaying fungi, molds and wood decaying insects. Therefore, we pay great attention to its effective protection against pests and other risks. Get to know our shingle impregnation options to protect your wood more effectively.

Drdlik- protection of wooden shingle


The lifetime of your shingled roof
is influenced by the quality of the shingles (splitting and thick wood), their sufficient impregnation, professional installation, roof slope, protective oil paint and mechanical cleaning (brushing or pressurized water), replacement of bad shingles – all that falls under regular shingle maintenance (needed every 3-5 years). If you comply with these, the shingle on your roof will last from 50 to even 80 years.


Impregnation procedure

The manufactured shingles are stacked alternately upon each other and left to naturally dry out in fresh air. Before installation
, the impregnation is carried out by soaking in chemical solution BOCHEMIT QB Profi for 24 hours, which increases the shingles lifespan. After impregnation, we let the shingles dry again. Only dry shingles can be laid on the roof.

Drdlik- impregnation procedure of wooden shingle


There are several technological procedures for impregnating shingles:

A, under pressure in vacuum (pressure-vacuum) in a Wolmanit CX-10 solution

B, by soaking in Bochemit QB Profi solution

C, by spraying with Bochemit QB Profi solution directly right on the roof.

Demonstration of various color and technological types of impregnation

Spruce shingle - colorless impregnation Bochemit QB Profi

Spruce shingle - red-brown impregnation Bochemit QB Profi

Spruce shingle - pressure impregnation with Wolmanit CX-10

Larch shingle - no impregnation

Drdlik- spruce shingle wood

Drdlik- spruce shingle red brown impregnation

Drdlik- spruce shingle pressure impregnation

Drdlik- larch shingle

Only custom made

we use this impregnation

Only custom made

Without impregnation


The shingle with pressure-vacuum impregnation must be ordered in advance to allow the shingle to dry again.


Larch vs. Shingle spruce

Spruce shingle

Spruce shingles must be impregnated against biotic and climatic influences with chemical substances - impregnation. This will slow down the natural degradation of wood. We have several technological procedures for shingle impregnation to choose from.


Larch shingle

The larch shingle is not impregnated. It is very weather-resistant due to the natural, specific composition of resin contained in wood.


Types of impregnation

Pressure-vacuum impregnation

- The goal of modern wood protection is the maximum possible protection of wood while minimizing environmental impact. A wood preservative Wolmanit CX-10 applied by pressure-vacuum impregnation provides protection without using chromium salts yet is very effective. Pressure-vacuum impregnation achieves a deep penetration of Wolmanite into the wood, which acquires a greenish color. The shingles are impregnated according to exposure class 4: wood in permanent contact with the soil or permanently exposed to strong moisture.



- Concentrated water-soluble fungicide and insecticide wood preservative Bochemit QBProfi. Intended for impregnation of building timber in exterior, when using it is recommended to apply the product by the method of long-term soaking or add a coating too. The product provides long-term protection against wood-destroying insects. Protects wood against wood decaying fungi (including Serpula lacrymans and dry rot) and fungi in general.


Spraying Bochemit QB Profi directly on the roof

- We recommend this procedure only to unify the shingle coloring on the roof, as the impregnation itself is insufficient. As a first choice, we recommend the two previous impregnation options. You can use this option in the years to come as an additional protection against mosses, lichens and weather conditions. Even after spraying and drying, it is necessary to apply the final coating with Karbolineum Extra oil paint.

Drdlik- colored impregnation wood shingle

Shingle coating

After laying the shingle on the roof, it is always necessary to paint the shingle. Most importantly, the shingle need protection against sun and rain ….. more

Drdlik- shingle coating


The shingle manufacturing process

shingles are made of high-quality, carefully selected, slowly growing trees with a high density of annual rings. The slow growth and high altitude guarantees a higher density of wood, which is more resistant to the weather. The eye of an experienced shingle maker can tell whether or not certain word is suitable for shingles ….. more

Drdlik- manufactury handmade wood shingle

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