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Introduction » Wood split shingle » Shingle small roofs

Wood split shingle / Shingle small roofs

Small wooden shingle roofs as a supplement to your wooden structures.

Not sure how to revitalize your garden, cottage, well or garden house?

Are you bored with the shapes and models everyone

owns? Be original and get your own shingle roof.


Wooden shingle roofs makes any wooden structure special, as it adds to its originality, character and attractiveness.

Shingle roof will enliven wells, bells, hives, winches, signposts, docks, information boards or feeders. There are no limits as to where you can attach a wooden shingle roof.

It will not only look great, but also fulfill the practical purpose of protecting the structure from rain and wind.

Drdlik- Wooden roof on a log with shingles

Offer basic shapes and sizes of shingle roofs  

Type Conical Saddle Oval

Special shape

One line


Drdlik-roof round wooden shingles


Drdlik- saddle roof, one row, wooden shingles


Drdlik- saddle roof, one row, wooden shingles

Two lines


Drdlik- double roof round wooden shingles


Drdlik - saddle roof, two rows, wooden chipped shingles


Bun - oval roof, two rows, chipped spruce shingles

Drdlík- special shingle roof

Three lines


Drdlik -  special shingle roofs


Drdlik- saddle roof, three rows, wooden shingles




Roof shape Drdlik- round wooden shingle roof Drdlík- the basic shape of a roof made of wooden shingles Drdlík- basic oval shape for shingle roof Drdlík-basic oval shape for shingle roof

Prices without VAT.

Finishing the roof

Drdlik - copper tip on a shingle roof


Drdlik- wooden ending of a shingles roof

Drdlik- wooden ending of a shingles roof

Prices without VAT.


What dimensions to send us



The most important dimension is "base" and how much will be "overlap to the sides".

the diameter of the tree is 80 cm + on each side an overlap of 10 cm = 100 cm will be the base. The total width will be about 115 cm. You dont have to deal with the overall width much, its not that important.



Since each of us has a different taste, and each of us wants a different canopy, everyone has to adapt it to each other. How to do it!


And, from 3 boards I will make a roof on the tree: the base and 2 sides. The point is to see what the canopy will look like. The so-called, if the roof will not be disproportionately large or small, relative to the overall tree.

B, you can do the same on the ground, maybe with brooms. The point is to make the size of the roof one that I like.


Drdlík-how to measure a roof on a wooden shingle


Drdlík- sketch of a roof made of shingles


Drdlík- wooden trunk for a shingle roof


Our implementation and your ideas

wooden shingles shingles drdlik


Chipped shingle roofs guarantee quality and durability

Shingle roofs are made of traditional roofing, which excels especially in long lasting life. It will bring you joy for up to 100 years. Of course, regular and high-quality maintenance is necessary, but if certain conditions are met, it can withstand virtually any weather or whims of nature. The roofs are made of split spruce shingles. There are whole other structures that can be made out of spruce wood, for example bells or winches. This traditional element excellently adds to the beauty of your wooden buildings and makes them unique structures that will attract everyone’s eye at first glance.

Drdlik- Shingled roof


Immediately available and custom made

There are usually several basic types of shingle roofs ready for immediate collection. If you choose one available on stock, you can take your carefully selected roof home instantly and maybe already the next day you will enjoy the improvement of your wooden structure. If you have a specific idea or a plan, or just need an advice, its not a problem at all – we are able to make these roofs just the way you need them (make-to-measure). We will help you choose the most suitable design for your maximum satisfaction. We will then make the selected roof as soon as possible according to your requirements for shape and size. Unleash your imagination; we can make roofs of atypical shapes and sizes. Feel free to ask, we will gladly answer all your questions or be at your disposal.

Roof with chipped wooden shingles, drdlík


Our motto is ,, quality and tradition ,,

If you are looking for a manufacturer who you can rely on, who will not be afraid of any of your requirements and who will meet your demands, then you’ve come to the right place. The shingle spruce wooden roofs we make are always the best quality. There are easy to maintain, and we guarantee long product life, ensured proper maintenance and care.

We guarantee:

 - long product life

- quality and accurate design

- your satisfaction


If you dream of a roof over solid wooden fences, feel free to contact us. We can also supply straight or carved blocks under the roof. We are not afraid to take up any challenge and we always put quality, tradition and customer satisfaction first. Whether you want it for its aesthetic or practical value, shingle roof will meet your demands. These roofs are both practical and beautiful, furthermore their look is beyond the limits of mediocrity, as they make your buildings something special that you and even your friends will admire.

How do we produce wooden shingles? Click here to find out…..more

Do not hesitate to contact us and ask us anything on our email address: info@drdlik.co.uk. We’ll gladly answer any questions you might have.


Thank you for your time and interest, Your Drdlík team.

A small example of our realization of roofs with wooden shingles: Wallachian type

Drdlik- Wooden shingle roof  Wooden shingles on the roof, drdlík  Wooden shingles on the roof, drdlík 

Shingled roof on a well, drdlik  Shingled roof on a well, drdlík  Wooden roof for winch, drdlík 

shingled roof on the well, drdlík  shingled roof on the well  Wooden shingles, winch, drdlík 

Shingled roof on a turret, drdlík  Wooden shingles chipped on the roof for the turret, drdlík  Wooden Wallachian shingles on a spray on a turret, drdlík

Drdlí- shingled roof  Drdlík- shingled roof

Drdlík- simple shingle roof  Drdlík- production of roofing from Wallachian shingles  Drdlík- signpost with shingle roof

Drdlik- indicator with shingle roof  Drdlík- production of a signpost with a shingle roof, Wallachian shingles  drdlik-production of a signpost with a shingle roof, Wallachian shingles