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Wood split shingle / Price list

The Price List of Wood Chipped Shingles.

We produce spruce and larch shingles, also called the Czech (Wallachian) type. This means that the shingles are connected by tongue and groove. The shingles are produced in winter from a tree cut down during the period of vegetation rest. Drying is followed by applying coating against fungi and wood decaying insects. Packed into a package of 1 m  ..... more.


The approximate price of wooden shingles including BOCHEMIT QB Profi coating.


Delivery of spruce split shingle, 50 cm (Wallachian type)

- simple laying from:          / m2

double laying from:         / m2 

Delivery of larch split shingle, 50 cm (Wallachian type)

- simple laying from:         / m2

double laying from:        / m2

Prices do not include VAT.

Prices are approximate, the final price depends on the complexity and segmentation of the roof.

Do not hesitate to contact us and ask us anything on our email address: info@drdlik.co.uk. We’ll gladly answer any questions you might have.


Thank you for your time and interest, Your Drdlík team.

Determining the price of a wooden shingle roof: FREE BUDGET

Cost of wooden shingle roof

Each roof is unique and therefore it is not possible to use a simple mathematics and price list when determining its price. Our estimates are based on experience. However, we will be happy to calculate the price for you free of charge.

- Please enter as complex dimensions as possible, because the more accurate are the data you enter, the more accurate will the material consumption calculation be.

- Contact details - Roofing - Dimensions - Attach photos / drawings

If we are unable to process the offer based on the information provided, we will contact you to arrange further action.

- Bids are normally sent within 5 working days. If this is too long for you, we will be happy to give you a priority if you notify us.


In addition to the exact calculation of roofing and necessary accessories, you will also get the ideal solution draft, many years of experience + professional consultancy and advice + free training.



However, if you want to calculate the roof area yourself, here is a helpful hint how to do it.

When calculating how many m2 of shingle is needed per roof area, do not forget the shingle overlap.
- Wooden shingle is packed in 1 m² package, double laying (that’s 4 running meters).


What it means: if we still have the same package but different laying?

4 rm - double laying, it is in a package of 1 m² (25 cm overlap)
- 4 rm - simple laying, it is in a package of 1.5 m² (with a covering overlap of 10 cm)


For better orientation
you can find specifications in the table below: (1 pack = 1m² double installation (at 25 cm overlap), which is 4 rm when straightened into the groove to the normal length).

- We recommend an overlap of about 23 - 24 cm. The overlap of 25 cm is the upper limit.
- We recommend the use of a diffusion foil to ensure 100% water resistance.


Type of installation

Roof in m²

Shingle overlap

Final consumption of shingles in package


1 package = 1m²


200 m²

10 cm

134 pack.

1 pack. = 1,5m²


200 m²

25 cm

200  pack.

1 pack. = 1m²


200 m²

24 cm

208 pack.

1 pack. = 0,96m²


200 m²

23 cm

217 pack.

1 pack. = 0,92m²


200 m²

22 cm

227 pack.

1 pack. = 0,88m²


An example:

If you calculate a roof area of 200 m², double laying, with an overlap of 25 cm = you will need 200 packages. So far it seems logical. But if you do not pass this information onto the roofer and he will out of experience make a 24 cm overlap (because its better than 25 cm), you will need 208 packages for the 200 m², and therefore you’ll be 8 packages (8 m²) short.


Therefore, do not hesitate to take advantage of our FREE budget offer to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.