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Introduction » Plastic shingle EUREKO

Plastic shingle EUREKO

Welcome to presentation of plastic roofs EUREKO.

eureko wood shingle



Roof system/ 30 year warranty/ nonabsortive/ resistant/ tough


Plastic roofs EUREKO are created since year 2000. These products are  developed for using in new construction, reconstruction of family houses,  recreational places like cabins, cottages and garden accessories.

Unlike concrete, fiber cement and burnt roofs, roof system- Plastic wooden shingle EUREKO excel in very low weight and high tough, which prevent mechanical damage by hailstorm or tread trough. Unique is also almost zero absorptivity,  that  makes the material immune to erosion made by mosses and lichens.

These high values complements the warranty for 30 years.

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EUREKO DDS II - Drdlík's wooden shingle is a faithful copy of the classic split wooden shingle.

The plastic roofing has been in production since 2000 under the name EUREKO!

Drdlik plastic shingle Eureko


As the name suggests, the father of this Czech patent is Mr. Josef Drdlík from Hlinsko v Čechách, who used his knowledge of production and laying of classic wooden shingles for the development and construction of plastic shingles.

In cooperation with REGRA PLAST s.r.o. a credible replica was created, including accessories for the valleys, corners, and ridge of the roof. Plastics are supplemented with dyes and additives that protect against UV radiation. The EUREKO product is guaranteed for 30 years with a lifetime of at least 50-70 years.

Plastový šindel eureko dds 2 drdlik

The EUREKO DDS II is a faithful copy of the classic split wooden shingle. It was developed exclusively as a roofing and cladding with a versatile use. Therefore, it is suitable not only for covering roofs of family houses, cottages, and cabins, but also for wall cladding of these buildings - especially during their additional thermal insulation. It is also suitable as a roofing and cladding for various garden sheds or for making plinth cladding.

The EUREKO DDS II plastic shingle is a faithful copy of the classic split wooden shingle. It was developed as an alternative to the wooden shingle and is made of recycled plastic. The way of laying is similar to that of wooden shingles. Thanks to the corner and gutter accessories, even the most diverse surface shapes can be covered and tiled.

The EUREKO DDN II conical shingle is used for tiling of corners and gutters, while the EUREKO DDU II is used for the valleys. Three types of templates are available to cover any roof surface (including "ox-eyed windows").

Here are templates:

- DDS II (DDS II- Basic Tile)

- DDN II (DDN II- Corner Tile)

- DDU II (DDU II- Valley Tile)

- DDH II (DDH II- Ridge Tile)

Drdlik plastic shingle Eureko roof


Because of its faithful wooden appearance, which imitates real wooden shingles, EUREKO DDS II roofing can be very well put to use even on listed buildings.

The main advantage of plastic roofing is the exceptionally long service life, the absence of maintenance, low weight, impermeability, and impermeability and about one third of the purchase price in comparison to the roofing made of classic wooden shingles.

Other advantages include:

Resistance against mosses, lichens, and alkalis
- Resistance against sun, rain, hail, frost, and sudden temperature changes
- Tough, strong and tread resistant construction
Reduced noise
Perfectly imitates natural materials
30-years warranty!

Currently, we offer an innovated type of plastic shingles called the DDS II, which reflect our experience of the past 15 years. Innovations include, in particular, a double water groove (channel), reinforced construction, a sloping front that accentuates the row height and the possibility of shutter mounting. 

The comparison of the wooden shingle and the plastic shingle

Plastový šindel eureko versus dřevěný štípaná šindel životnost drdlik

The complete range of products

The complete range of EUREKO DSS II plastic roofing products in one place: basic shingle template, valleys, corners, ridge tiles, nails, grommets for antenna and ventilation, and all the necessary accessories needed for installation.

Drdli plastic shingle ridge Eureko Drdlik plastic shingle Eureko Drdlik Plastic shingle Eureko Drdlik Eureko Ochranná mřížka pro plastovu krytinu eureko dds 2


Shipping and payment

Depending on the size and weight of the goods ordered, you will be offered the most appropriate type of transport. We offer the possibility of transport of our products to any place in the European union; however, due to the changing volume of goods, it is not possible to set a uniform transport price.

First, we calculate the transport price based specifically on your order and then we shall contact you with the information concerning the final price. We will not ship the goods without your consent and confirmation of the total price including shipping.


For assembly companies

We provide free of charge expert consultancy and training courses to assembly companies. 


EUREKO DDS II Basic Shingle Template
Size: 51 x 12 cm
Thickness: 18 mm
Usage consumption: 20 pcs/m²
Weight: max. 8 kg/m²
Minimal slope: 25°
Weight 1 piece: max. 350 g

Drdlik Eureko DDS II  Drdlik Eureko DDS II    Drdlik Eureko DDS II



Length: 66,6 cm
Thickness: 18 mm
Usage consumption: approx. 30 pcs/m²
Weight 1 piece: max. 200 g

Drdlik Eureko DDU II  Drdlik Eureko DDU II  Drdlik Eureko DDU II



Length: 66,6 cm
Thickness: 18 mm
Usage consumption: approx. 30 pcs/m²
Weight 1 piece: max. 200 g

Drdlik Eureko DDN II Drdlik Eureko DDN II  Drdlik Eureko DDN II  



Length: 12 cm
Thickness: 18 mm
Usage consumption: approx. 8,4 pcs/bm
Weight 1 piece: max. 350 g

Drdlik Eureko DDH II   



Reference Plastový šindel eureko dds2 drdlík



If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at our e-mail address info@drdlik.co.uk. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have. 


Thank you for your interest, Your Drdlík team.

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