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Introduction » Plastic shingle EUREKO

Plastic shingle EUREKO

shigle plastic

Welcome to internet presentation of plastic roofs EUREKO.



eureko wood shingle



Roof system/ 30 year warranty/ nonabsortive/ resistant/ tough


Plastic roofs EUREKO are created since year 2000. These products are  developed for using in new construction, reconstruction of family houses,  recreational places like cabins, cottages and garden accessories.



Unlike concrete, fiber cement and burnt roofs, roof system- Plastic wooden shingle EUREKO excel in very low weight and high tough, which prevent mechanical damage by hailstorm or tread trough. Unique is also almost zero absorptivity,  that  makes the material immune to erosion made by mosses and lichens. These high values complements the warranty for 30 years.

Basic materials for production are obtain by very high quality separation of recycle plastics usually used in automobile industry. These materials were already treated for outdoor use, and we fill them one more time with pigment, UV stabilizers and additives. This all is for giving the customer a product with as high quality as possible. EUREKO is roof resistant for long-term effects of weather conditions.


plastic shingle

- Double water groove

- Wood appearance

- Simply construction

- Black and brown colors

- Installation on lathes or full shutter

- Faithful imitation of wooden split shingles



SHINGLE DDS II- Drdlík´s wooden shingle


plastic shingle



For its appearance, witch truly imitates natural materials of WOOD SPLIT SHINGLE, is EUREKO often used in protected national parks and monuments areas.


If you would like to learn more about the plastic coverings EUREKO, write to us:



EUREKO catalog, The assembly manuals, Historic buildings, Certificates, Construction details, Examples of system realization.......... etc.


village of plastic wood shingle


 house of plastic schingle


wood and plastic shingle

plastic roof covering




Each tile has its original appearance, shape, color and texture.
Form of roof covering- Concrete tile and  Fibre cement slate, Wood shingles, Cedar shingles, Aluminum and Plastic roofs.