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In the production of PROWOOD wooden garden furniture,  the care of product quality is taken which is based not only on quality feedstock and working quality but also on the check in the entire production process, final inspection and skilled operators of CNC machines.


The feedstock for production of PROWOOD wooden garden furniture is heat-treated Finnish pine - ThermoWood®.


ThermoWood® is produced at temperatures of 160 - 215°C with use only of energy and water steam. The modification process happens in three phases and takes up to 36 hours (for more information please see “Material used” tab).

This modified ThermoWood® achieves new physical and mechanical properties. They mainly include longer durability (the minimum lifetime of the material is 30 years), resistance to rot, higher strength, dimensional stability and reduced moisture absorption.

After heat treatment of Thermo-D the heat treated pine wood from the Finnish production plant in Iisalmi is delivered as smoothly planed lumber of various sizes, strictly sorted out during our production of PROWOOD garden furniture and only the best pieces are used for the next step of production procedure.

The next step is the reduction of timber before working on the CNC machine and carving other visible defects that would reduce the final product quality or would affect the quality of subsequent working.


The machining centre P.BACCI JET


Obráběcí centrum P.BACCI JET

The actual production of PROWOOD garden furniture is performed on the five-axis CNC machining centre P.BACCI JET which guarantees a high quality of working and the highest accuracy of production in the industry. Skilled operators of CNC machines again check the quality of prepared feedstock by reduction before the working itself and the final machining of each part of PROWOOD garden furniture immediately after the working.


about production garden furniture of solid thermowood


After the working of all pieces produced in series is finished, the relevant parts of each product are packed in boxes made of recycled paper, into which detailed assembly instructions and fasteners needed for easy assembly are also enclosed. After the final inspection the product is blocked in a box by filling material to prevent displacement during the transport or the handling and then the packaging is definitely closed. Individual boxes are then labeled with the product name, the date of packing and the relevant EAN code and are stored in the warehouse of finished goods waiting for their expedition.

The entire production procedure, both the heat treatment of the ThermoWood® material (in which no chemical ingredients are used, heat treatment works only on the basis of energy and water steam), and the actual production procedure of PROWOOD wooden garden furniture is completely environmentally friendly and does not leave any impact on the environment. 

ThermoWood® is non-toxic and complies with the relevant standards and hygienic regulations. The material for the production of heat-treated pine comes from Finnish forests and is certified by PEFC system.


The remaining material is cut into smaller pieces and is sold as kindling wood, so the production process leaves no waste material and everything is completely consumed.