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Introduction » Wood wall colection

Wood wall colection

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Wooden LINING TILES from solid wood from of the WoodWall ™ collection.


Decorative wall lining in the interior.


split firewood


A return to the certainty of inimitable charm


For those who really want have their home ever more beautiful! Wooden lining provides ideal thermal insulation and acoustic properties. Wood is an ideal natural humidity regulator. Wood creates a pleasant internal climate, natural comfort and thanks to its high content of essential oils it is wholesome and it significantly improves your health and well-being. Its natural scent that will never pass away and the beautiful wood grains, have a very positive effect on the human psyche. For its natural character, natural drawing, favorable physical properties and aesthetic appearance it is a very popular feature.

Interiors with wooden walls have an unmistakable character and special atmosphere that provides a warm feeling – well proven by centuries – of a traditional cozy home. In many cases it literally shapes the look of the room and provides comfort.


In addition to the functionality it also creates a cozy and healthy environment!



- Split

- Ground

- Brushed

- 3D effect

- Lamellas


Wood species: spruce, oak, larch  – we offer also other types of wood, as required by the customer, architect.


Treatment: without surface treatment. Can be oiled, varnished and waxed.


Can be used both horizontally and vertically.


split firewood


Return to the roots and the beauty hidden in wood

Wood is one of the first materials mankind learned to use and enjoy. It is the closest to our heart.


Wood has proven to be a very rewarding material because it is easy to work with and it can be variously colored and modified by surface treatment, and it is a timeless material.


It always conceals a calming energy of the parent tree, which had many years of growth before it supplied material for the product. Wooden walls are not only a fashion feature, but also your private connection with nature. A personal talisman through which you can be in touch with your "roots".




Do not ask what we can do, just say what you need.

Our products are made ​​to order and selected materials can be freely combined according to the customer or architect. Design your own original shape and woody plants, and we will produce it. As you could see, wood is a flexible material, which can be adapted into very modern forms.



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