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Wood for Life


We are a family firm established in 1990 and based on lasting traditional values.

The company manufactures WOODEN SHINGLES and provides their installation across the country, including plastic shingles EUREKO. It was founded in 1990, focusing on construction activity. Since 1992 it has been producing and installing shingles on its own premises. This production and installation of wood shingles has become our principal activity. The company is headquartered in Hlinsko, Pardubice region, whereas the shingle shop is in the village Sobíňov.



Wooden split shingle

Intended mainly for roofs of timbered houses and historical buildings. Wooden shingle is shaped and dimensioned as the traditional Czech shingle, i.e. width of 5-14 cm, length 50 and 60 cm. The shingle is supplied as treated against rot, mildew and insect damage.


We provide installation across the Czech and Slovak Republics.

wood shingle holz schindeln shingel

Wood split tiles - Wood cleaved wall- decoration of interior walls.

The company is also deals with the manufacture of wooden tiles: polished, brushed and using exclusively split wood . Split wooden boards are adjusted into different shapes and composition of lining.

holzwandwood wallwooden wall


Shingles from recycled plastic

Besides the traditional wooden spit shingles we also offer plastic shingles, under the trade name EUREKO DDS II. This plastic shingle looks like a visually faithful imitation of classic wooden shingles, including the conical templates needed to cover at corners or troughs. A roof with plastic shingles is indistinguishable from true shingles as characterized by smooth transitions in the corners or troughs, including an easy formation of “bull eyes”.

It is made ​​from recycled plastic, using the injection casting technique. Used recycled plastic is complemented with colorants and additives, which protects the plastic from UV rays and reduces the flammability of the product.


EUREKO products have a 30 year warranty, whereas the full service life is at least 50-70 years.




  • low weight,
  • maintenance-free
  • only third the prize of the wooden shingles.
  • seamless coverage of corners and “bull eyes”



holz schindel plastový šindel plastic shingle





We look forward to working with you!




Let us protect nature together!



We do not use Chinese manufacturing machines, we use only the finest woodworking machinery manufactured in the Czech Republic. Despite all the modern technology there prevails traditional and handmade production.


Environmental protection

In our company we care about the environment we live in. For our products we do not use any tropical trees, we buy only from sustainable forestry.

Unlike other manufacturers who buy cheap material from China or Southeast Asia, which is sold in Europe, we manufacture all our products right in our own workshop.

Many products from tropical wood are offered as "from sustainable forestry." However you can easily imagine, what the real truth is.

In particular, the Asian manufacturers promote their cheap products on world markets. They use stolen wood and plunder the forests, and therefore they can offer their products at such low prices. If you decide for our products, you will help to protect the environment.




Drdlík Martin

Address: Czech Republic

Post Code: +420 608 87 28 27