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 True copy  of a wooden chipped shingle

Drdlik- plastic shingle EUREKO

- production since 1999!


Wooden chipped shingle, hand-made

Drdli- wood split shingle

- production since 1989!


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Drdlik Wood panelling on the wall

- production since 2014.

Drdlík- rozpočta zdarma na dřevěný šindele
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Wooden or plastic shingles EUREKO DDS II



 Drdlík- rozpočet ZDARMA na plastový šindel EUREKO DDS II

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Drdlik- wood plastic shingle eureko Drdlík roof covering plastic eureko Drdlik- shingles plastic eureko roof  Drdlik- wood shingle roofing Drdlík wood roofing shingles split Drdlik- wood split shingle

Welcome to Drdlik

The shingle tradition of the Drdlík family was born in 1989, when Josef Drdlík founded a shingle manufacture factory in Sobíňov. Returning to honest craftsmanship was the right decision as we not only produce wooden chipped shingles but also assemble them all over the Czech Republic. New ideas followed and the plastic shingle EUREKO DDS II was created. As the name suggests, the father of this Czech patent is Mr. Josef Drdlík, who used his vast knowledge of the production and laying of classic wooden shingles for the development and construction of plastic shingles. EUREKO - DDS is a true copy of the classic split wooden shingle. It has been specially developed as a versatile roof covering. Therefore, it is suitable not only for covering roofs of family houses and cottages. Thanks to its faithful appearance imitating wooden shingles, EUREKO roofing has taken on well with listed buildings. In addition to shingles, the company also processes wood cladding….. more


Drdlik- wood shingle split


EUREKO shingle made of recycled plastic

In addition to traditional split wooden shingle, we also offer plastic shingle under the trade name EUREKO DDS II. This plastic shingle is a true imitation of a classic wooden shingle, including conical stencils needed to cover corners or valleys. The roof covered with this shingle is indistinguishable from the wooden shingled roof characterized by smooth transitions in the corner or the valley, including the easy creation of so called "skylights”.

All EUREKO products are under 30 years guarantee, with a lifespan of min. 50-70 years..... more


Production of wood chipped shingles

Wooden shingles represent a traditional craft – shingle crafting. In the past, shingles were widely used as a roof covering on all kinds of folk buildings. Wooden shingle is a high-quality product that offers durability and beauty of wooden roofing. Choosing the right wood is very important in shingle manufacturing. The most commonly used for this purpose is the wood of slowly growing coniferous trees, such as spruce, larch or fir. This wood id used to make a classic shingle, which is widely spread all over Bohemia and Moravia, called the Wallachian shingle, connected by tongue and groove…. more

Shingles laying

Finished shingles have a length of 500 mm and a width of 50 - 150 mm. Shingles are nailed in two ways. Either single cover, suitable for farm buildings or double cover, suitable for residential buildings. Shingle is layered from the bottom of the roof to the top, and the first row is installed in two layers. Shingles are inserted into the groove and hammered in. Every shingle ….. more

 Shingle splitting

Shingles are split by hand or on a special log splitter. Splitting does not damage the wood fibers. The cutter has to be excellently sharpened to cut the fibers well and leave a smooth surface. We always work with fresh wood because of better splitting and shredding ….. more

Smaller shingle roofs

We offer the manufacture of complete roofs. For wells, bells, beehives, winches, signposts, docks, information boards, feeders ….. more

Impregnation and coating

The impregnation is carried out by soaking in BOCHEMIT QB Profi chemical solution for 24 hours in a preparation against wood-destroying insects, fungi and molds ….. more







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